Big Brain 101

Welcome to the Big Brain Academy!

In the Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain game, you’ll put that marvelous melon of yours to the ultimate test in a variety of fun activities, like memorizing a series of numbers, identifying an animal as it slowly comes into focus, or helping guide a train to its goal.

Do you feel as if your brain has been a bit more stiff than usual? Well, here at the academy, we offer a variety of activities to help you stretch and flex that brain of yours.

The five pillars of big brains

Our curriculum focuses on five important categories. See the videos below for an example of each.

Adjustable skill levels are shown.

Adjustable skill levels so everyone can have fun!

Thanks to our scalable settings, you can adjust the difficulty to make things more competitive for everyone at the party.

My medulla oblongata! Your Big Brain Brawn score has conquered the 600 mark!

Dr. Lobe is shown standing.

Pick your way to play

Dock your Nintendo Switch system to play on your big screen TV or make use of the touch screen in Tabletop mode.