Treat your brain to some quick mental fun!

Get your own Big Brain Brawn score with a fun test. Boost your skill and speed by practicing certain activities. Of course, you can also prep for your next multiplayer brain battle or compare scores with friends and family.

A block game is shown on a Nintendo Switch system.

What does it mean to "be in shape"? If I had to pick a shape to be in, it would be a triangle!

Dr. Lobe is shown pointing.

Test Mode

Test your mental mettle in five brain-bending categories

Dr. Lobe is ready to study your brain! Take on five activities from the good doctor and he might give you some startling results.

A baloon-counting game is shown.

The results are in!

When you’re all finished, Dr. Lobe will give you a Big Brain Brawn Score, a ranking, and a profession that suits your particular traits. Good luck on your new career!

A results screen is shown.

I confess, I am excited and a bit surprised to come across a brain so brawny!

Stretch Mode

In Stretch Mode, you can play—and replay—your favorite activities to your brain’s content. Go for the gold in all 20 to unlock a hard mode!